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The Rx Elbow Sleeve is a versatile product that provides strong support for heavy workouts or pain relief if you are injured.

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RX hlífin er fjölbreytt olnbogahlíf sem veitir mikinn stuðning í kraftmiklum æfingum og minnkar sársauka ef um meiðsli er að ræða. Hlífin er skilgreind sem sjúkratæki.


– Patented anatomic construction
– Stays in place during workouts
– Higher muscle coordination
– Increased joint stability
– Reduced energy waste
– Fast warm-up and retained temperature
– Reduced inflammatory reaction and pain relief


The construction of the product is build on a unique patent, securing its anatomical fit. The shape allows the product to follow the body’s motions . This creates a combined mental and physical frame to keep your body moving towards strength instead of injury. The elbow support will guide your body in moving correctly without limiting muscle development around your elbow.


The Rehband Rx Elbow Sleeve is classified as a medical device. It combines the key benefits stability, compression and warmth. Stability offers a mental and physical feeling of safety. Compression helps preventing injuries and increases your muscle memory of how to move correctly. Warmth protects your joints and soft tissues from injury. Together these elements improve your performance capability.






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