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The Rehband UD Tennis Elbow Strapis a support for some of the most common causes of elbow discomfort in sports and office employees. This support strap is designed to provide targeted and controlled compression of the forearm tendon and muscles. Provides pain relief while unloading the tendon insert. Removable pad for individual adjustment and perfect comfort. Can aid in recovery or be used as a preventive tool.

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Key Details:

• Sold as a single unit
• Fits right or left arm
• Classified as a medical device
• Ideal for golf, tennis, and similar activities


Indications & Functions:


• Lateral and medial epicondylitis (Tennis and golfer’s elbow)
• Pain aggravated by brushing teeth, writing, lifting, and computer work
• Overexertion and soft tissue overload in the elbow and lower arm area
• RSI syndrome (mouse or computer elbow)
• Provides pain relief


The Rehband UD Tennis Elbow Strap is classified as a medical device and sold as a single unit.



• Cover:100% Polymide
• Film:100% TPU
• Lining:100% Polymide
• Padding: 100% Neoprene
• Wash in warm water, air-dry, mesh laundry bag recommended
• Close Velcro straps prior to washing