Venum Predator Standup Shinguards – Black/Ice

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Venum Predator Standup Shinguards – Black/Ice


Handmade in Thailand with the highest quality material and conception, “Predator” shin guards are just at the highest level of boxing equipment chain!


Triple reinforced front panels both on shin and leg protection offers you supreme protection on impacts. Its anatomical pre-curved design offers you the perfect fit: your comfort is better and your mobility is upgrated!


Carlos Condit, Lyoto Machida and Wanderlei Silva are using it during their preparations for UFC fights!



– Innovative blend of Skintex and Buffalo leather offering the best fighting experience
– Velcro enclosure
– High density foam with additional padding across the shin and instep
– Lightweight for upper mobility and speed
– Embossed label and slick graphics
– Handmade in Thailand
– Weight : 0.6600




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