Venum Flex Standing Punching Bag

79.900 kr.

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The Venum Undisputed Standing Punching tower has been designed to enable you to work efficiently with your kickboxing or Muay Thai technique.

The Venum Undisputed Punching tower will handle your most powerful punches, thanks to its highly absorbent foam and its durable PU leather cover.

Once filled, its flexible base will offer a better response to hits and a good cushioning at each impact.

With a height of approximately 180 cm, this Venum equipment is an ideal training partner and offers an interesting alternative to punching bags.

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  • Reinforced semi leather coating and thick foam layer.
  • High : 140 cm (bag) + 40 cm (base).
  • Diameter : 42 cm.
  • Circumference : 135 cm.
  • Empty flexible base (fullfill with water – until 85 kg / 187 lbs) or with sand (130 kg / 286 lbs)
  • Brand : Venum
  • Punching Bag Size : 180 cm
  • Filling : Filled
  • Weight : 45 kg
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