Rehband Rx Athletic Power-Wrap 38mm

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The RX Athletic Power-Wrap is an ultra durable sports tape for maximum protection and stronger grip during training and competition. The tape is specifically designed for the hook grip in weightlifting and to protect the fingers and especially the thumb from cuts, tears and uncomfortable blisters.

Thanks to the unique, flexible material, the finger joints are not restricted and you retain full freedom of movement during your workout. Our premium adhesive used (latex-free), the Hook Grip Tape stays in place even during intense and sweaty workout sessions.

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• Material: 100% cotton (skin-friendly and breathable)
• Colorways: Black with white branding and white with
black branding
• Tough & elastic material with exceptional durability
• Waterproof & latex-free adhesive
Advantages and field of application
• Protects skin from cuts, tears and unconfortable blisters
• Perfect for Olympic weightlifting, functional fitness,
climbing, handball, raquet sports and many other sports
and applications
Measurements per roll
• 38mm x 4,5m (1.5in x 14.8ft)
→ 1 sales unit includes 3 rolls

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