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Upphitun, niðurlag (e. cool-downs) recovery, æfingar, keppnir.


  • Þyngd: 91g  



Technology – Adapt to the run


The Long-T is built to function in changing conditions. Blending breathability with warmth, it keeps your body temperature in the comfort zone even when your training takes you out of it. This adaptive quality makes it ideal for the stop-start training or in unreliable weather. Seams are tactically positioned to reduce irritation and distractions to an absolute minimum.



Materials – Ultralight Japanese fabric


A fast drying, incredibly lightweight Japanese knit fabric is used because of its ability to effectively wick moisture away from the skin. Keeps you warm in the cold and lets you breath when it’s hot. A special antibacterial treatment is integrated into the yarn for enhanced freshness.


Design – Simple sophistication


As the name suggests, the Long-T is full of contradictions. Light yet protective. Detailed yet simple. Casual and comfy yet built for the ultimate level of running performance. Made using quick-dry mesh throughout, it can be worn for the morning run and then on to the day ahead – and look good doing both.



Creek, Hay, Stellar, Glacier, Navy


XS, S, M, L, XL