On Lumos hálskragi, Karla/Kvenna

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Designed for warmth and visibility, this neck gaiter will keep the chill out so you can get moving any time. As part of our ‘Lumos’ pack, this neck gaiter features highly reflective detailing,
so day or night, you can move with the light, thanks to the reflective finish designed to keep you seen. The brushed fleece lining also keeps you warm and insulated on chilly nights and
cool and misty mornings.

Best for
Short runs, Long runs, Cold weather, Changing weather, Trail running, Hiking, Travel

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Keep the chill out with a brushed fleece lining that’s lightweight and soft
against the skin. Quick-drying, it keeps you cozy and insulated, and
wicks away sweat.

Day or night, you can move with the light. Part of our ‘Lumos’ pack: this
neck gaiter features a highly reflective finish designed to keep you seen.

We streamlined the fit of this neck gaiter to be snug and secure, to
minimize drafts, bulk, and wind resistance.

We know that what starts as a cold run might not end up that way.
Simply wear full length to keep your face warm when you need it, and
fold down when things start to heat up.

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