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Challenger jakkin frá On er eingraður „Puff“ jakki sem andar vel. Jakkinn lokar þægindin inni og heldur kuldanum út.


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Planet-friendly puffer

For warmth that goes a step above the rest. The jacket’s synthetic insulation is made with 100% recycled plastic bottles that won’t clump together over time. Need some air? No problem. Use the ventilation zipper on the back to boost the jacket’s breathability.

Heat-locking technology

Engineered with unique and cutting-edge woven chambers, the Challenger Jacket is painstakingly constructed to lock in the heat. Keeping you warmer for longer, with long-lasting comfort.

Adjustable hood and hem

Protection from the elements is a serious business. The Challenger Jacket uses a three-point drawstring at the hood to keep you shielded from wind, snow, and less-than-ideal conditions. An extra drawstring on the bottom hem allows you to keep heat locked in.



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