Venum Giant Light Kick Pads Par – Matte/Black

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The Venum Light kick pad is ultra-lightweight and versatile, you’ll be sure to move as fast as lightening. The options are endless.

The Venum Light kick pad can be held at all angles ensuring enhanced accuracy, increased agility, and improvement in your form and technique.

The curved design and high density padding, absorbs shocks and vibrations with your every strike.

The three reinforced and adjustable handle brings comfort, convenience, and protection to both the athlete and trainer.

You’ll be sure to make an impression with every strike!

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  • High-quality Skintex leather for long lasting durability.Curved design offering optimal impact surface.
  • Extra thick padding to improve shock absorption.
  • Reinforced handle for a comfortable and secure hold.Velcro fastening straps for a customized fit.