Venum Bandit Boxing Gloves – For Kids

9.490 kr.

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Boasting a sporty and urban design, the Venum Bandit boxing gloves have injected foam to ensure effective shock absorption, as well as a PU coating to increase flexibility and the gloves lifespan.


This original and unique design have added comfort and safety features: the curved shape of the gloves has been designed to adapt to the anatomy of the young fighter; and also ensured by the attached thumb.

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  • Material: High quality PU, highly durable
  • Injected foam
  • Thumbs attached for injury prevention
  • Reinforced seams to maximize the gloves lifespan
  • Large Velcro closure for a precise fit



  • 4 oz fyrir 8 ára
  • 6 oz fyrir 10 ára
  • 8 oz fyrir 12 ára
  • 10 oz fyrir 14 ára



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