Venum Absolute Kick Pads – Premium Skintex Leather

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Venum Absolute Kick Pads – Premium Skintex Leather 


The Venum „Absolute“ long kick shield is made in Thailand and designed in collaboration with some of best professional combat sport strikers, from Muay Thai to MMA.

Built to offer the perfect striking surface and provide an absolute protection for the trainer, thanks to its concaved design. The triple density foam delivers ultimate shock absorption for an improved comfort and long-term training session.

The Venum „Absolute“ long kick shield features multiple reinforced handles in order to provide maximum angles of impact for unparalleled versatility and training variety.

Technical features:

– High quality Skintex leather.
– Curved design for a perfect striking surface.
– Triple density foam for an ultimate shock absorption.
– Multiple handles for intensive and varied training.
– Reinforced stitching for enhanced durability.
– Made in Thailand.