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Reduce discomfort, relax those tight muscles and give yourself a soothing and gentle massage with the TriggerPoint IMPACT Buffer. This vibrating massage buffer with a 360-degree spinning head warms up soft tissue so it can reach deeper into the fascia and better relieve tight muscles. With an adjustable dial that provides various rotation speeds, the IMPACT Buffer allows for a range of massage intensities to suit everyone, while the user-controlled pressure ensures a gentle, rotating massage over sensitive areas like bones and joints. Easy-to-use on the couch or on the go, the IMPACT Buffer is small and quiet enough to bring to work or while travelling for gentle and instant relief.

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  • Vibrating massage buffer with 360-degree spinning head offers soothing, gentle massage
  • Combined rotation and vibration massage helps reduce discomfort and relax tight muscles
  • User-controlled pressure allows gentle rotating massage over sensitive areas like bones and joints
  • Three interchangeable heads offer versatile massage options for customised relief
  • Glides comfortably over clothes or bare skin, with or without topicals
  • Cordless and rechargeable for up to 2.8 hours of power (charger included)
  • Variable rotation speeds provide a range of massage intensity
  • Quiet, compact, and portable
  • Measures approximately 20cm in length and 9cm in width
  • Weighs approximately 0.9kgs
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