Suprfit Warrior Elite Bar Chrome – 20 kg

54.990 kr.

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The Suprfit Warrior Elite Bar Black is the next stage of development of the Suprfit Warrior Eco Bar, the development of which has been ensured by very high quality controls . This is not least reflected in the bronze bearing of the weight absorption , but also in the significantly higher maximum load , which the Suprfit Warrior Eilte Bar barbell bar has compared to the Eco version. The Suprfit Warrior Elite Bar Black barbell is triple bronze- bearing (bushing) to guarantee an even easier rotation. The bars are suitable for cross training as well as forWeight lifting and power lifts.


The Suprfit Warrior Elite Bar Black is perfect for experienced athletes with high demands and has the markings for Olympic weight lifting and power lifting . Another highlight are the small grooves on the weight holders, which ensure a better hold of the discs. Thanks to the high rotatory power and the flexibility of the rod which is Suprfit Warrior Elite Bar Black not only for squats and deadlifts , but especially for demanding exercises such as tearing, pushing and reacting perfectly suitable.

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  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Length: 220 cm
  • Handle diameter: 28 mm (IWF and IPF markings)
  • Diameter weight holder: 50 mm
  • Length of weight holder: 420 mm
  • PSI: 180,000+ (pounds per 2.5 cm²)




  • Maximum weight lifting load: 680 kg
  • Maximum squat load (e.g. back squats), deadlifts: 400 kg
  • Material: spring steel
  • Color: Black
  • Finishing: manganese phosphate (shaft), chrome (end pieces)