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Slant Board is a simple yet effective tool for maintaining knee and leg health. The board can be used flat or slanted at 4 different angles. It is perfect for stretching your calves and ankles on an incline, which helps improve mobility and flexibility. The board can also be utilized for various squat mobility moves to lift up your heels. Adjustable angle with 5 positions, textured anti-slip surface and padded feet-rest for comfort. Size: 28 x 31,5 cm. Height adjustable: 8,5 – 22,5 cm

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Material- PVC
Color- Grey
Max user weight (kg)- 100
Note- Adjustable height: 8,5 – 22,5cm
Product (cm)- 28 x 31,5 x 22,5
Product (kg)- 1.22
Package size (cm)- 32 x 28,5 x 8,5
Package weight (kg)- 1.5

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