SKLZ Lightweight Control Basketball

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Underweight training ball that helps athletes improve dribbling speed and develop quick hands on the court. Official size basketball.

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The SKLZ Lightweight Control Basketball is the perfect underweight training ball to help athletes improve dribbling skills and handles on the court. Through consistent practice, athletes can develop quick hands and improve their dribbling skills. This official size basketball also helps athletes prepare for the opening tip when practiced regularly. The basketball is built with high-quality synthetic leather construction, designed to hold up through indoor and outdoor training. Whether you’re running an iso play or need to penetrate late in the shot clock, putting in the work can help you get by the defender quickly. Use in a solo or team training environment.

  • Underweight training ball to help improve dribbling speed and handles on the court
  • Helps athletes develop quick hands and improve dribbling skills with consistent practice
  • Official size basketball to prepare for the opening tip
  • High-quality synthetic leather construction for indoor and outdoor training
  • Use in a solo or team training environment