Ringhorns Charger Heavy Bag 170cm

45.000 kr.

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Ringhorns Charger Punching Bag: Improve your Performance!

Insatiable and tireless partner of your training sessions, the Ringhorns Charger heavy punching bag will allow you to progress every day. Work your technique and your combos. Develop your cardio and shape your mind with this super-resistant bag.

The Ringhorns Charger punching bag is by far the best value on the market. The quality of the stitching and PU is remarkable for this price level. The weight of the bag is also ideal and will satisfy demanding boxers. This is not a professional product, but the Ringhorns Charger is very close to it.

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  • Premium PU : great design and maximum durability.
  • Available in three sizes (130cm-35kg, 150cm-40kg, 170cm-50kg).
  • Delivered with its 50 cm straps
  • Shipped full.
  • Nylon ultra-resistant straps.
  • Brand : Ringhorns
  • Punching Bag Size : 170 cm
  • Filling : Filled
  • Weight : 50 kg
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