Rehband RX Knee Sleeve 7mm Power max

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The RX Knee Sleeve Power Max is ideal for heavy lifting, athletes that desire more support in training and competition, and individuals with a taller body and/or long leg bones. Developed through extensive research and collaboration with athletes, this support is the longest and strongest fitting 7mm thick knee sleeve in the Rehband RX line. Measuring a total length of 30cm/11.8in (17.65% longer than our standard sleeve) and coupled with a tighter fit, this sleeve elevates performance.

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Stronger and tighter fit for maximized power, acceleration and control.
17.65% longer than our standard sleeve (Total length 30cm/11.8in)
7mm thick SBR/Neoprene
Patented anatomical design
4-panel construction
IPF™ & IWF™ approved for raw and open competition
Sold individually
Fits right or left knee

Designed to move with you while providing support, warmth and compression.
Improves muscle coordination and control
Provides a mental and physical feeling of safety
Fits great and stays in place while you workout
Can help protect against knee pain, strains and soft tissue overload
Protects the knee and skin against abrasions
Exceptional durability

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