Princeton Tec Refuel höfuðljós

4.990 kr.

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Bæta á óskalista

Ljósflæði: 250 Lumens

Þyngd: 78g

Rafhlöðuending: 2-42klst

Drægni: allt að 24 metrar

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Updated yet again, the newest version of the Refuel now boasts 250 lumens of dimmable white light. Other upgrades? A painstakingly reengineered battery door featuring sturdier components with a larger lip for easier access, as well as the ability to fine tune your light output with the new dimming feature. The ReFuel is extremely simple to use and takes advantage of our asymmetrical single arm bracket. This design makes directing the light effortless and reliable once on your head. The large, easy to find button controls on/off and with a press and hold, dims the light to your preferred output. Refreshed and Reengineered, the ReFuel is ready to reconnect you to the great outdoors.


Black/Dark Grey