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The ultralight trail running jacket that you’ll reach for on race day. A true trailblazer, it’ll take you to the top.

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Born for the trails

Designed while in motion, the Ultra Jacket is one of our most innovative protective layers. It moves with you, not against you, so you can focus on setting new records. Moisture wicking materials keep the dirt and water away, so you can revel in all the emotions that rush through on race day.

Performance packed

Running-inspired but made for the trails, the Ultra Jacket is your go-to speed layer. It’s light enough that it won’t weigh you down and packable for when the sun shines on you. A small pouch at the back of its hood allows for easy storage through challenging races. This is a true trailblazer.

Engineered to shine

Swiss-engineering for a standout performance – that’s what this jacket is all about. Premium reflective layers mean you’ll shine beyond sunset, while two pleats at the back allow you to pair it with a running vest or small backpack. So what’s holding you back? It’s time to break that record.
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