ON Classics Trail Breaker Kvenna

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Frábær hlaupapeysa sem andar vel og hrindir frá sér vatni.

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Utanvegahlaup, hlaup í rigningu, hlaup í breytilegu veðri.


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Technology – No Turning Back


Forwards. That’s where the Trail Breaker is engineered to go. The PFC-free, DWR water-repellent front of this performance long-sleeve acts as a ultralight shield against wind and rain. It’s ideal as you rush downhill. So whatever the conditions, you can meet adventure head on.


Materials – Made to Breathe?

Running in wet conditions gives you fresh air and fresh perspectives. The Trail Breaker is made so you can stay out there in comfort. The breathable protective front works with ventilating mesh at the back for optimal ventilation. The result? You stay in the comfort zone, even on tough climbs.


Design – Innovation. Break Through.

Every detail of the Trail Breaker is engineered for you to break new ground, from the the extended zipper for easy adjustment extra airflow to the watch window for checking your stats in a flash. It’s all to make sure that, even if the weather changes, your goal can stays the same. Run wild.


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