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The innovative tights that combine performance with practicality for every run.

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Bring what you need

More storage space. More security. The Performance Tights are the answer. Safely stow your credit card, keys or other small items in the zipped back pocket. Plus, the roomy side pocket is perfect for keeping your phone handy for a post-run selfie.+

Make them fit you

The adjustable waistband enables you to take control of your fit. And with the tights staying right where you want them, you can focus on all the right things – the joy, the intensity and the relief running offers.

Designed for every move

We knew that you’ll likely be moving a lot in these tights. So, we designed them specifically for that. With premium engineering and smooth, moisture-wicking materials, the Performance Tights reach the upper echelon in terms of both comfort and elegance.

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Navy/Denim, Black


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