On Classics Lightweight Pants, Kvenna

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Frábærar hlaupabuxur, hvort sem þú ert heima eða úti að hlaupa. Einstök hönnun og eiginleikar sem tryggja að þú getur notað buxurnar allt árið í kring.  

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Hlaup og æfingar í kaldara loftslagi.


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Technology – Elemental engineering

You know what spoils a great run? Distractions. So these pants come distraction-free. The wider waistband is easy to adjust, look good and stays where you want it even at top speeds. The extra-long hidden zipper at the ankle makes it easy to step in so you van focus on getting out there.


Materials – Technical fabric combination


A combination of super-flexible fabrics encourages you to test your limits on the run – or however you choose to push yourself. Moisture wicking and fast drying, these pats are the perfect fit whether you’re working up a sweat or stretching out.


Design – Race ready

The lightweight Pants are engineered to flex and move with you. They’re carefully tailored to flatter your figure so working for that personal best never felt better. As the name suggests, they’re practically weightless. Because nothing should hold you back.




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