ON Explorer Merino Sock, Kvenna

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Blended with premium merino wool for natural odor resistance and thermal properties, these breathable socks are made for comfortable exploration.

XS (36-37) S (38-39) M (40-41) L (42-43)

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The magic of merino

Naturally antibacterial, temperature-balancing, and moisture-wicking (while fighting off odor). Based on our research, merino wool is magic. Add in our precision-engineered underfoot padding, and no hike will faze you.

Stretchy and durable

As ideal for muddy paths as they are for padding around the house. Recycled polyamide makes them stretchable, durable, and easy to wash. They’re so soft, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. But you’ll never forget to put them on.

Less water, more style

Score style points, sustainably. The unique marbled appearance makes for striking hiking. And the space-dyeing technique uses less water – a contrast to the monumental water loss in conventional dyeing techniques.
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XS, S, M, L