Instinct Hydra Cell 150ml (Soft Flask)

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GEL CELL 150 – Soft flask, compressible bottle for your gels!
Holds 5 to 6 energy gels!

The super practical and ecological solution to manage your energy intake on foot
like cycling. Reusable and eco-responsible. Avoid the negative environmental impact of plastics and paper waste!

– Easy to use: high flow nozzle
– Secure cap: “no-leak” screw top = ½ turn quick-stop screw cap against leaks!
– Volume: 150ml / 5.1oz
– PU / PP / PEHD
– Soft body, compressible, dishwasher safe
– For cold and warm liquids (max 60°C / 140°F)
– Dimensions: 160x55mm
– Weight: 18g

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