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PX: the lightest, most minimalist non-compressive & no bounce option for carrying your essentials.

Road & trail, for 1 hour, 20km or your next marathon.
Precursor of an all new category; neither pack nor belt.

Drop your belt. Sling on the PX!

– Volume: 3.1L
– Weight: 160g
– Size: One Size

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The simple, lightweight & minimalist option for carrying your essentials.

Non-compressive & no bounce.
Wonderfully simple, PX discretely carries all your essentials.
Like a second skin, it’s designed to go unnoticed!

High sitting, the PX allows immediate & easy access to hydration, feed, poles & adjustments.

Adjustable front sternum straps and our unique elastic side lacing system allow for a custom fit to almost any body type.
Discover stability, absolute freedom of movement, immediate access to storage and unconstrained breathing.

Optimal positioning of pockets & adjustments for natural, effortless & intuitive access.
Lightweight & breathable honeycomb mesh ensures ventilation and sweat dissipation without sacrificing strength or reliability.

PX easily carries :
– 2 x 500ml of hydration
– Feed
– Rain jacket
– Safety Kit
– Phone
– Headlamp
– Poles

– 2x 500ml hydration pockets + elastic compression cords with auto lock. Sits high for immediate and effortless access.
– 2x 500ml feed storage pockets: extra large storage & easy access.
– 1x 100ml shoulder pocket, non-stretch internal cord ring + whistle. For your safety essentials and more …
–Front vertical pole attachment (both left and right side).

– 1x 500ml horizontal pocket with elastic compression cord and auto lock + velcro locking system. Easily access your rain gear right from the first drop without removing bag!
– 1x 300ml bottom horizontal pocket with snap button closure gives central access to your safety kit, headlamp(s), gloves, arm warmers…

– 1 front pole attachment solution. Front: vertically right & left

– 2 adjustable chest straps mounted on 20cm sliders = custom fit vertically and horizontally.
– 2 double “S” elastic cross-lacing with auto lock: “on the fly” side adjustment!
– 2 elastic compression cords with auto lock for top and bottom back pocket.