HARB Ergofit Bar Pad

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Engineered to fit the pressure areas around neck, shoulders and back, Harbinger’s new ergofit Par pad provides enhanced weight stabilization and increased comfort for weightlifters using standard and Olympic bars. The specifically moulded and contoured ergofit design equalizes weight distribution and promotes proper lifting form. Made of closed-cell foam, the ergofit bar pad has an external skin that maintains its shape and resists tearing and grips the bar like a clamp to hold positioning and minimize rotation. Easy on/off the bar and simple soap-and-water cleaning make the ergofit bar pad convenient to use at home and in the gym.

Vörunúmer: imp361385 Flokkur:
  • Fits standard and Olympic bars
  • Ergonomically-fitted contoured design
  • High Density foam stays firm under heavy load
  • Highly portable for Use at home and in gym
  • Easy on/off bar and cleans with soap and water, Air dry
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