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The Gymstick Alpha Cage Half Power Rack is a sturdy stand for demanding use, professional grade half-power rack, will make sure you get the absolute most from your workouts. The rack is easy to adjust thanks to its height-adjustable rod racks and safety rails for safe squatting and bench press with a separate bench. Full Commercial Alpha is a rock-solid training partner that is without compromise, perfect for those who’s looking to take their training to a next level. It has large footprint and over 100kg frame giving it ultimate stability. Rack combines squat rack, bench press station, dip station, pull up bar combo all in one.Two different thickness of jaw pull rods allow you to attach to any height you want. For example, Power Band elastic bands can be added to the exercise, which can be attached to the mounting pins of the pedestal. The product is suitable for professional and home use. The product includes: 2 x J hooks, 4 x fixing pins, 2 x safety iron.

– Maximum load 400kg.
– Product dimensions 188 x 120 x 239 CM (LxWxH).
– Weight 107 KG

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Technical information

  • Size (cm) 188 x 120 x 239
  • Weight (kg) 107
  • Materials Steel


Additional information

  • Max. Load (kg) 400
  • Includes Manual and installation parts