2XU, OL, Flight Comp Tights, Kvenna

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2XU Flight compression is endorsed by athletes for the travel and recovery edge. Graduated compression reduces swelling and stiffness by promoting healthy circulation, and a light brush fabric delivers comfort for extended wear. Arrive fresh and ready to hit the ground running with Flight Compression Tights.

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– Reduced muscle fatigue and soreness
– Reduced muscle damage and risk of overuse injuries
– Improved performance
– Improved muscle alignment
– Increased agility
– Faster recovery


– 2XU jacquard waistband for ultimate comfort on a long-haul flight
– Light brush fabric on the inside for a soft feel against your skin
– Subtle branding
– Cotton blend for added comfort
– Graduated compression to help reduce risk of DVT and swelling
– Polygiene® for lifetime antibacterial and odor protection

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