Venum Werewolf Rashguard - Long Sleeves - Black/Grey

Vörunúmer VEN03153-109

Face your opponents with pride and savage strength. Don't think. Don't let them distract you. Let your guts and instincts do the job. And transform you into the real king beast thanks to the Venum Werewolf Rashguard.

8.990 kr.

Venum Werewolf Rashguard - Long Sleeves - Black/Grey


Technical Features :


- MATERIALS : 87% Polyester - 13% Spandex / Elastic and resistant fabric / Reinforced Seams.
- VENUM COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY: Improves the blood circulation to the muscles and speeds up your recovery time. 
- VENUM DRY TECH™ TECHNOLOGY : Provides optimal control of body heat and evacuates the sweat.
- DESIGN: Sublimation printing for a maximal durability / Fit cut / Rubber band located at the waist.

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