Venum Logos Training Shorts Bl/UrCa

Vörunúmer VEN03447-123
9.990 kr.

Léttar og þægilegar stuttbuxur sem henta vel fyrir æfingar og dagsdaglega notkun.


Fáðu tölvupóst þegar varan er komin á lager

Venum has chosen to share its story through a chronological frieze of the evolution of the brand logos, printed on this Training Shorts, to remind that in life nothing is impossible.

Venum wasn't made in one day. You too, proudly display your choices by wearing the Venum Logos Fitness Shorts and fight to the last breath to achieve your goals!

Lightweight and resistant, you can wear this Training Shorts  fot both sports and casual activities.



  • 95% Polyester - 5% Elastane: comfort and resistance.
  • 2 zipped pockets.
  • Stretch waistband with drawcord for a perfect fit.
  • Sublimated prints, for better durability.
  • Venum Logos.

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