Venum Elite Iron Headgear - Black/Black

Vörunúmer VEN-03053-114

For added protection of the head, choose the Venum Elite Iron Headgear, carefully manufactured in Thailand! 


It is reinforced with a high-density foam, which allows it to absorb the most powerful strikes.


The seal on the Elite Iron headgear has been specially designed to ensure a proper fit. It consists of tightening laces on top and Velcro tightening at the back for a perfect fit.


Comfortable, lightweight, strong and efficient: the Elite Iron Headgear is the best headgear offered by the Venum brand!

22.990 kr.



- 100% Semi leather.
- High-density foam: optimum shock absorption.
- Tightening by lace over her head for good support.
- Velcro tightening on the back: for a good fit.
- Venum logo.
- More colors available.
- Unique size.
- Weight : 1.4110