Venum Classic Upper Cut Training Bag - Black/White

Vörunúmer VEN03056-108

29.990 kr.

Venum Classic Upper Cut Training Bag - Black/White


The Venum Classic uppercut punch bag is a beautifully designed product that will help you develop one of the key strikes of a boxer: the uppercut! 


Handmade in Thailand, the uppercut punch bag is very durable. It is designed to withstand the toughest blows; so hit hard!


It will quickly become essential for your workouts.


This Venum punching bag is ideal for private or club use.




- 100% semi leather.
- Attachment system with four chains and multi-directional swivel for improved performance.
- Straps reinforced for intensive use and better impact resistance.
- Zip closure on top of the bag.
- Bag filled with scraps of fabric. 
- Venum logo.
- Color : Black/White
- Weight : 39.0000