Scoot and Ride - Highwaykick 1

Vörunúmer SR96202
16.690 kr.

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Scoot and Ride - Highwaykick 1


Clever Mobility


The Highwaykick 1 is the ideal companion for children aged one to five. 
Because of its stability this product gives the little ones the opportunity to move safely and comfortably. The patented -safety pad- offers extra security.  


- stability. secure hold even for the smallest kids.  
- safe materials. proven materials. 
- balance. comfortable and wide seat. 


Revolutionary Safety Feature: Safety-Pad


- The patented -safety pad- offers kids an extra portion of protection. 
- It prevents the tip-over on rough terrain or if the wheels get stuck. 
- It is completely integrated into the Highwaykick 1 and can be extended whenever you need it. 


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