RPM comp - True Black

Vörunúmer RPM30AA
12.990 kr.

The 3.0 comp rope was developed with none other than the legend himself, Jason Khalipa.  A fan and user of RPM ropes for years, Jason asked us to create a rope with an even more aggressive knurling pattern for improved grip under the sweatiest of conditions, and a locking set screw for extra confidence in that cable/handle connection. So our engineering team went to work, and the comp edition RPM speed rope was born.


3.0 comp rope essentials


- 100% precision machined aluminum handles, bomb proof and guaranteed for life.


- Patented dual axis rotation, allowing your handles to stay on the end of the rope while eliminating torque build up in the cable.


- Oilite bushing internal anti-friction system for a smooth spin while maximizing power transfer from handle to cable, making for the most efficient rope ever created.


- Built standard with our BARE CABLE (12ft length), but is also compatible with all colors of both our bare and coated cables!  This bare cable is crazy fast and light for maximum speed in competition, but is not quite as durable as our coated cable. Click here for our cable comparison chart for a full breakdown!


- Super aggressive competition knurl for improved grip when it matters most!  


- Locking set screws for the most secure cable/handle connection possible.


- Comes with a microfiber bag for easy storage and transport.


What's new on the 3.0?


- Completely redesigned head, featuring chamfered cable exit points, allowing for a more extreme cable departure angle with less stress on the cable and longer cable life. 


- All new anchor disc (replaces the ball) for smoother dual axis rotation and the optional addition of locking set screws (standard on comp edition).


- Improved internal anti-friction through the addition of a flanged oilite bushing, completely eliminating bare metal to metal contact for an even smoother, faster spin, while maintaining that legendary control and power transfer that RPM speed ropes are known for.





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