Rehband QD Shin & Calf Sleeve

Vörunúmer 116206-01
3.990 kr.

The Rehband QD shin & Calf Sleeve was developed as a high durability calf sleeve to protect from abrasion, warm joints and muscles, prevent lactic acid build-up, and reduce swelling during endurance sports. The compression helps to minimize fatigue and muscle soreness in your calves and shins. This product is a great option for athletes to use to reduce calf and shin splint pain.


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Hitastuðningshlíf sem eykur blóðflæði og linar sársauka. Hlífin er notuð við bólgumyndun.


SBR/Neoprene 1,5mm/3mm


Key Benefits:


• Improves body control and performance
• Protection against cramps, strains, and shock
• Protection against scrapes and scratches
• Improves performance during races and practice
• Speeds up race-recovery and rehabilitation




• Over-exertion and soft tissue overload in the shin and calf area.
• Prevents and provides pain relief from muscle strain and/or tear.


The QD Shin & Calf Sleeve is classified as a medical device and sold as a single unit.