On Cloud Hi Edge - Glacier/Shadow - Kvenna

Vörunúmer ON2899795W
26.990 kr.

At the limit of design and technology. That’s where you find the Cloud Hi Edge. If you can find it at all. This ultra-limited edition is an experiment in fusing athletic performance and technical materials with street-ready style. It’s the details that make the difference. The logo lace loop for a unique look. The engineered mesh and a HelionTM superfoam outsole for a sensation like nothing else. Then there’s the fast-firing SpeedboardTM and a pronounced rocker that will push you to the edge. But then, if this is the shoe for you, that’s exactly where you want to be.




Those at the edge of their game who want an exclusive shoe made to perform, not conform.


Nánari upplýsingar:


- Þyngd: 156 g 

- Drop frá hæl að tá: 2.5 mm 

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