Gymstick Pull-Up & Dip Rack

Vörunúmer GYMSTR-PUD
26.990 kr.

Wall mounted multi-functional rack allows you to do various kinds of exercises like chin-ups with multiple grips, dips, knee and leg raises. Does not require a lot of space and is excellent for those who don’t want to have big bulky tower or are limited with space. No need to unscrew it from the wall to change from pull-up to dip position.



Fáðu tölvupóst þegar varan er komin á lager

The rack is easy to turn around and attaches to the same wall mount hooks. There are several grip handles on the jaw pull bar that allow you to perform various jaw pull exercises. It also has an integrated loop for attaching a punching bag. Change will take virtually just seconds.


Maximum user weight 100kg.

Product dimensions: 86 x 86.5 x 57cm (W x H x D).

Weight 12kg.