FuelBelt Fire Light

Vörunúmer IMP20508
1.590 kr.

You can’t do enough to ensure you are safe and can be seen as the nights draw in and this slim and lightweight LED light will clip easily onto your clothing, belt or bag to enhance your visiblity up to half a mile away and act as a warning signal to other road users.  It is the perfect accessory for evening or early morning runs during the winter months when light is restricted.  Also suitable for cyclists and walkers, it has two modes that can be selected at the touch of a button and a long battery life, up to 68 hours when flashing or 48 hours in constant mode.


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- Heavy-duty clip attaches to clothing, hats, running/walking belts, or packs
- Hi-viz 3 LED safety light. 3 modes: Full Glow/Rapid Blink/Off
- Long-life lithium battery powered 68-hour flashing burn time. 48-hour continuous burn time

- Dimensions: 2.09 cm L X 1.14 cm W X .72 cm H

- Weight: .04g


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