Comfyballs Wood Black

Vörunúmer COM091

One of our most innovative creations ever! The Wood-series are mode from the super-comfortable fabric Lenzing Modal®. The fabric is an organic natural product developed from the beech tree, and made in Austria. This allows this to be our softest boxer ever!

There are actually no words to describe how wonderful it is to wear this boxer. Here you an unbeatable innovation for both everyday use and training.

2.990 kr.

Comfyballs Wood Black


3 fyrir 2 tilboð! Þú borgar fyrir 2 stk og færð 1 stk af frítt með! 


Láttu okkur vita í "Upplýsingar" í vörukörfunni hver þriðja týpan á að vera. 

Athugið að einungis er hægt að velja sömu gerðir og þær sem að keyptar eru!

From tree to fiber. With Lenzing Modal® you can feel it right away: the fiber comes from beechwood forests and makes use of photosynthesis which has been an important mechanism in nature since the beginning of time. Photosynthesis creates the basis for Lenzing Modal®. Beech forests thrive in Northern and Central Europe and have shaped the landscapes of these regions for centuries. They are both a natural and sustainable source of raw material ®.


The key part of Edelweiss is the Edelweiss technology which is based on oxygen-based chemistry. Thus Lenzing Modal® is produced in an environmentally responsible way from the pulp through to the fiber. Up to 95% of the Lenzing Modal® production materials are recovered at Lenzing as a result of innovative environmental processes. This gentle treatment is what makes it possible for the Lenzing Modal® production site to be located in the middle of a tourist area.


45% modal, 45% bomull og 10% lycra.

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