Cerberus Triple-Ply Deadlift Belt

Vörunúmer CER84

- Designed Specifically For Deadlifting

- Extremely Supportive Yet Comfortable

- Great For Log / Atlas Stones And All Moving & Loading Events

8.990 kr.
Give Yourself Every Advantage
- Great for Strongman/Strongwoman no buckle or lever in the way when doing log, due to the belts flexibility it is also great for moving and loading events as it is comfortable in all positions and allows you to breathe
- 3 layers of durable lightweight webbing – 10cm wide and 10mm thick
- No middle seams with our unique Z sandwich design
- Dual ring locking system so the belt will not “pop off” under heavy loads
- It can also be worn with the end strap not fed through the locking system this makes it quick and easy to get on and off
- Made with extra strength Velcro & Industrial Strength Stitching
- Evenly distributed support with our wider heavy duty cotton centre strap
- Eliminates any belt pinching or digging into your hips and/or ribs at the start of your Deadlift or the bottom of your Squat
- Please measure where you would wear your lifting belt, don't use your normal waist size. Subtract 2" from this size and select a belt based on this size. We have incorporated an - - underlap in the design so if you drop weight you can still get an excellent fit. Similarly with our extra length velcro closing system if you gain weight your belt will still serve you well.
 Size Your measurement minus 2"
S = 25" to 28" (63.5 - 71.12 cm)
M = 29" to 32" (73.6 - 81.2 cm)
L = 33" to 36" (83.8 - 91.4 cm)
XL = 37" to 40" (93.8 - 101.6 cm)
2XL = 41" to 44" (104.1 - 111.7 cm)
3XL = 45" to 48" (114.3 - 121.9 cm)
4XL = 49" to 52" (124.4 - 132 cm)

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