2XU X Compression Calf Sleeves - Black

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Repeated muscle vibration to the lower leg can cause fatigue, muscle damage and shin splints. The X Compression Calf Sleeves provide compression support to the calves to help reduce muscle oscillation, while the graduated fit promotes circulation for an improved warm-up and recovery. Zoned breathability panels allow for greater air flow, making these sleeves suitable and comfortable for extended wear.


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- Compression support for the calves and shins

- Graduated fit helps promote an efficient warm-up pre-exercise and a faster
recovery post-exercise

- Zoned ventilation for breathability

- Seamless construction throughout for greater comfort

- Moisture wicking to keep the skin's surface cool and dry


- Reduced muscle fatigue and soreness

- Reduced muscle damage and risk of overuse injuries + Improved performance and muscle alignment

- Increased agility

- Faster recovery

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