2XU Comp Socks for Recovery - Black&Grey

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The Compression Socks for Recovery offer powerful compression
to help your muscles repair and recover following intense activity. Graduated compression promotes circulation through the lower limbs and improves venous return to relieve tired and sore muscles. Padded zones across the heels and balls of the feet guarantee comfort for extended hours of wear.

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The 2XU Compression Sock For Recovery is designed with anatomically correct left and right foot beds utilizing our newly designed footpads and arch positioning to provide maximum support for the foot in all sedentary positions. Enhanced circulation through powerful gradient pressure ratings and new venting panels on top of foot for added all day comfort.


- Versatile design suitable for everyday use

- Zoned padding for the heels, toes + balls of feet

- Vented toe panels for maximum breathability

- High filament nylon yarn for durability + premium moisture management

- Antibacterial treatment to minimise odour



- Engineered fabric + knit structure combined with graduated compression to enhance circulation for faster recovery.

- Proprietary padded zones with arch support and heel / achilles protection offers maximum comfort for active and sedentary recovery - sitting or standing.

- Anatomically engineered foot bed with channels for maximum moisture management, extra comfort and longer wear.

- Linked toe cage with padding and vented toe panel for maximum breathability and dryness.




S - 35 - 37.5
M1 - 38 - 41.5
M2 - 38 - 41.5
L1 - 42 - 46
L2 - 42 - 46

S - 30 - 37 cm
M1 - 32 - 37 cm
M2 - 38 - 43 cm
L1 - 36 - 40 cm
L2 - 41 - 46 cm

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